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Keeping Up with the Joneses torrent

Keeping Up with the Joneses movie torrent

Keeping Up with the Joneses movie torrent

· Gendre: Action
· Resolution: 1080p
· Language: English
· Quality: WEB-DL
· Year of Release: 2016
· Size of the Movie: 2.91 GB

Short description:

The Gaffneys' lives are interrupted by the arrival of new neighbors, whose stunning looks are matched only by the worldly sophistication of their lives. Tim Jones is an accomplished travel writer whose hobbies include blowing glass, and his wife, Natalie, is a social media consultant, cooking blogger and heroine to Sri Lankan orphans. The Gaffneys soon find themselves in the center of a storm of international espionage that gives them a breathtaking glimpse of life outside their cul-de-sac.


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Keeping Up with the Joneses plot:

Jeff Gaffney works at McDowell-Burton International as a Human Resources expert and lives with his better half, Karen and two youngsters, who are away at summer camp. After the couple purchases another house, situated at the parkway under the proprietors of Dan and Meg Craverston, Karen alarms Jeff of the new neighbors, the Joneses couple, Tim and Natalie, and welcomes them over to her home to present themselves, astounding Jeff after arriving home from the workplace. 

Karen discovers that Tim is a refined travel author whose side interests incorporate blowing glass and Natalie is an online networking advisor, cooking blogger and champion to Sri Lankan vagrants. Feeling unconvinced about Natalie, Karen takes after her to the shopping center wanting to find what she's doing, yet Natalie gets Karen in the changing area. Here, Natalie goes up against her, understanding that Karen must take after her. Then, Tim welcomes Jeff to the Chinese eatery to eat, however Jeff feels that getting intoxicated with a snake wine and being nibbled by a separated snake head is not the best approach to make a companion and that genuine kinship is having an indoor skydiving background together. Back at their home, Jeff inadvertently breaks the glass design made by Tim that was given to them, uncovering a bug among the shards. The couple now understand that they have been spied upon the entire time and they choose to sneak to the Joneses' home to discover the spying gadget. Inside the room, they find that Jeff and the MBI representatives are being focused by the Joneses. Notwithstanding, Jeff, confused a thing for a pen, inadvertently dazes Karen with the pen firearm and they barely escape similarly as the Joneses touch base at the house. Natalie sees the pen weapon on the floor and that it has been utilized, suspecting that Gaffneys may have broken into their home. 

The Gaffneys orchestrate a meeting with MBI guide Carl Pronger to clarify the insights about the Joneses. Be that as it may, before Carl can unveil additionally subtle elements, he is murdered by an expert marksman who likewise assaults the Gaffneys. They are protected by the Joneses and a pursuit and shootout results, murdering the covered bike riders. The Gaffneys now discover that the Joneses are the mystery operators. After going into the house, the Joneses barely escape similarly as a bomb explodes the house. It is uncovered that the worldwide arms merchant calling himself "the Scorpion" is attempting to bring down the Joneses and after that capture the Craverstons, who are wanting to offer the microchips — which could be utilized to debilitate the U.S. rocket guard framework. Dan uncovers that he is the person who utilized Jeff's PC to email the arms merchant. Jeff then acknowledges the offer through the Scorpion's telephone call, organizing the meeting with his better half at the lodging and takes Dan's cover name, "Blackguard Flatts", to convey the microchips. 

With the Joneses at their back, the Scorpion, whom Jeff soothed the worry by giving him a chance to hold the little red ball at the MBI years prior, ruins Jeff's disguise. With their cover blown, Tim radios for go down however they haul out because of inadvertent blow-back that will be done to people in general. Jeff additionally ruins the Scorpion's disguise, whose genuine name is Bruce Springstine. At the point when the Gaffneys and the Joneses are held hostage, Karen can pass a blade to Natalie by making out with her as a diversion, giving the Joneses a chance to execute Bruce's men. They all escape by bouncing off the window just before Bruce opens the portfolio containing the chips that blows the bomb, murdering him. 

One summer later, Jeff and Karen visit the Hazim's Cafe in Marrakesh, where the Joneses used to date. By unimportant possibility, they meet the Joneses once more, who uncover that they have left the office. Be that as it may, when four men, who may work for another office to track them down wearing fezzes, are seen taking a gander at them, the Joneses participate in a gunfight with the four men, not demonstrating the genuine event.

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