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Inferno torrent

Inferno movie torrent

Inferno movie torrent

· Gendre: Adventure
· Resolution: 1080p
· Language: English
· Quality: WEB-DL
· Year of Release: 2016
· Size of the Movie: 3.35 GB

Short description:

Famous symbologist Robert Langdon follows a trail of clues tied to Dante, the great medieval poet. When Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Sienna Brooks, a doctor he hopes will help him recover his memories. Together, they race across Europe and against the clock to stop a madman from unleashing a virus that could wipe out half of the world's population.


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Inferno plot:

Harvard University teacher Robert Langdon stirs in a clinic room in Florence, Italy, with no memory of what has happened in the course of the most recent couple of days, yet being tormented with dreams of a seared Earth. Dr. Sienna Brooks, one of the specialists keeping an eye on him, uncovers that he is experiencing amnesia therefore of a projectile injury to the head. Another specialist says the police are there to address Langdon yet the officer ends up being Vayentha, a professional killer, who shoots another specialist while heading a few doors down towards Langdon's room. Sienna helps Langdon to get away, and they escape to her flat. 

Among Langdon's own effects, Langdon and Sienna discover a "Faraday pointer", a smaller than usual picture projector with a changed variant of Sandro Botticelli's Map of Hell, which itself depends on Dante's Inferno. They soon understand this is the principal piece of information in a trail left by Bertrand Zobrist, an extremely rich person geneticist who trusted that thorough measures were important to diminish the Earth's developing populace, and who submitted suicide in the wake of being pursued by furnished government specialists. 

Langdon and Sienna make sense of that Zobrist, who is fixated on Dante, has made an infection he has named "Inferno", with the capability of dividing the total populace. Meanwhile, they have been followed by both Vayentha and specialists from the World Health Organization, who strike the condo, driving them to escape once more. Langdon's information of Dante's work and history, and of shrouded sections in Florence, permits the two to take after signs, for example, letters and expressions which prompt different areas in Florence and Venice, while dodging the professional killer and WHO. En route, Langdon finds that he stole and concealed the Dante Death Mask, a vital intimation, an occasion he additionally does not recall. 

Vayentha reports to her manager Harry Sims, the CEO of a private security organization called "The Consortium", who is following up for the benefit of Zobrist. The WHO specialists are going by Elizabeth Sinskey, an old mate of Langdon's, and are attempting to keep the arrival of the infection. Zobrist has furnished Sims with a video message about the infection, to be communicate after it has been discharged. Stunned by its substance, Sims aligns with Sinskey to keep the episode. Nonetheless, Langdon and Sienna are reached by Christoph Bouchard, a man implying to work for WHO, cautioning them that Sinskey has a twofold motivation and is after the Inferno infection for her own benefit. The three collaborate for some time, until Langdon understands that Bouchard is lying and trying to benefit from Inferno himself, driving the twosome to escape all alone once more. 

Langdon makes sense of that the infection is in the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. With that learning, Sienna deserts Langdon, uncovering that she was Zobrist's darling and that she will guarantee the arrival of the infection. Zobrist and Sienna used to play treasure chase recreations; this trail was the reinforcement arrange in the event that something happened to Zobrist. Langdon is recovered by Bouchard, however is saved by Sims and re-groups with Sinskey, who approached him for help in deciphering the symbolism from the Faraday pointer. Sims uncovers he was contracted by Sienna to capture Langdon when Zobrist had been executed, and sedated with benzodiazepine to initiate a memory misfortune; the occasions in the doctor's facility were altogether arranged. 

They understand the infection is in a plastic sack covered up submerged in the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul. The WHO team–along with Langdon, Sims, and Sinskey–race to find and secure the pack, while Sienna and her partners endeavor to explode a touchy that will crack the sack and aerosolize the infection. Sims is executed by Sienna, and when Langdon faces her, she submits suicide trying to discharge the infection. The explosion can burst the pack but since it was at that point contained in an uncommon regulation unit, the infection was secured in time and Sienna's masters are killed. The infection is then taken by WHO, and Langdon backpedals to Florence keeping in mind the end goal to give back the Dante Death Mask.

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