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Central Intelligence torrent

Central Intelligence movie torrent

Central Intelligence movie torrent

· Gendre: Action
· Resolution: 1080p
· Language: English
· Quality: BluRay
· Year of Release: 2016
· Size of the Movie: 2.71 GB

Short description:

Bullied as a teen for being overweight, Bob Stone shows up to his high school reunion looking fit and muscular. While there, he finds Calvin Joyner, a fast-talking accountant who misses his glory days as a popular athlete. Stone is now a lethal CIA agent who needs Calvin's number skills to help him save the compromised U.S. spy satellite system. Together, the former classmates encounter shootouts, espionage and double-crosses while trying to prevent worldwide chaos.


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Central Intelligence plot:

In 1996, star competitor Calvin Joyner is being regarded at his secondary school. Part of the way through Calvin's discourse, Trevor Olson and a gathering of spooks toss a stripped Robbie Wierdicht, who was showering, into the corridor where the get together is occurring, humiliating him. Just Calvin and his better half, Maggie Johnson, are thoughtful towards Wierdicht. 

A quarter century, Calvin is hitched to Maggie and functions as a legal bookkeeper yet is disappointed with his profession. Maggie recommends they see a specialist to rescue their disintegrating marriage. At work, Calvin gets a companion ask for on Facebook from a man named Bob Stone, who uncovers that he is Wierdicht and solicitations that they meet. Calvin is stunned to see that Wierdicht has changed into a solid, sure man. Stone requests that Calvin survey a couple bookkeeping records. Calvin translates the records as multi-million dollar exchanges from a closeout, with the last installment set to be made the next day. Stone keeps away from Calvin's inquiries and spends the night on his love seat. 

The following morning, a gathering of CIA specialists drove by Pamela Harris land at Calvin's home looking for Stone, who get away. Harris discloses to Joyner that Stone is a hazardous maverick operator who expects to pitch satellite codes to the most elevated bidder. Before long, Stone snatches Calvin and clarifies that he is attempting to stop a criminal known as the Black Badger from offering the codes yet needs Calvin's abilities to discover the directions of the arrangement's area. After an assault by an abundance seeker, Calvin escapes and calls Maggie, advising her to meet him at the marriage guide's office. Harris captures him and discloses to him that Stone killed his accomplice Phil Stanton and is simply the Black Badger. She cautions him to cease from telling Maggie and gives him a gadget to alarm them to Stone's area. Calvin then touches base for marriage advising, where he discovers Stone acting like the guide. 

Stone persuades Calvin to help him, and Calvin sets up a meeting with Olsen, who can track the seaward record for the bartering, so they can get the arrangement's area. Harris calls Calvin and undermines to capture Maggie in the event that he neglects to help them keep Stone. Calvin is compelled to sell out Stone, and the CIA captures him. As Harris torments Stone to motivate him to admit, Calvin chooses to help Stone escape. Calvin derives that the arrangement is occurring in Boston and stones take a plane. At an underground parking structure, where the arrangement is thought to happen, Stone enters alone, while Calvin sees Harris entering a brief time later. He erroneously expect that she is the Black Badger and pursues her, however discovers Stone meeting with the purchaser and asserting to be the Black Badger. Stone shoots Joyner, brushing his neck, to protect him. 

Stanton arrives, uncovering that he is alive, and claims he is the genuine Black Badger. The purchaser endeavors to recover codes from both Stone and Stanton, however the CIA arrives and a shootout starts, while Calvin gets both codes and keeps running outside. He experiences Stone and Stanton, who take part in battle. Not able to choose who is the criminal, Calvin arbitrarily shoots Stone, yet Stanton admits that he is the Black Badger and that Stone is honest. Calvin causes a diversion that permits Stone to tear Stanton's throat out, murdering him. The two convey the codes to Harris, who then drops them off at their secondary school gathering, where Calvin accommodates with Maggie. Stone is declared as the Homecoming King, with Calvin uncovering to Maggie that he hacked the voting framework to guarantee Stone's win. Olsen endeavors to spook Stone a third time, however Stone thumps him out. As Stone conveys his discourse, he remembers his most humiliating secondary school minute and removes all his garments unhesitatingly. He strolls off stage to join with his secondary school pound Darla McGuckian. 

Prior to the closure credits, Maggie is pregnant and Calvin has joined the CIA. As a present for his first day at work, Stone gives Calvin back his varsity coat from secondary school, which Calvin had given to him after the senior get together trick.

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