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Assassin's Creed torrent

Assassin's Creed movie torrent

Assassin's Creed movie torrent

· Gendre: Action
· Resolution: 1080p
· Language: English
· Quality: WEBRip
· Year of Release: 2016
· Size of the Movie: 1.60 GB

Short description:

Cal Lynch travels back in time to 15th-century Spain through a revolutionary technology that unlocks the genetic memories contained in his DNA. There, he lives out the experiences of Aguilar de Nerha, a distant relative who's also a member of the Assassins, a secret society that fights to protect free will from the power-hungry Templar Order. Transformed by the past, Cal begins to gain the knowledge and physical skills necessary to battle the oppressive organization in the present.


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Assassin's Creed plot:

In 1492, amid the Granada War, Aguilar de Nerha is acknowledged into the Assassins Creed Brotherhood. He is alloted to secure Prince Ahmed de Granada. In 1986, Callum returns home to discover his mom killed by his dad, Joseph, a current Assassin. As shooters drove by Alan Rikkin, CEO of the Abstergo Foundation, the current Templar front, way to deal with catch Joseph, the last persuades the previous to get away. 

In 2016, Callum is sentenced to death for suspected murder, however is safeguarded from execution by the Abstergo Foundation, which fakes his demise, and transports him to their office in Madrid, Spain. He is informed that the Templars are looking for the Apple, which contains the hereditary code with the expectation of complimentary will, to oppress humankind. Sofia, Alan's girl and the head researcher, uncovers that Callum is a relative of Aguilar and recruits him to the Animus, which permits him to remember Aguilar's hereditary recollections so that Abstergo can take in the flow whereabouts of the Apple. 

In Andalusia, Spain, Aguilar and his accomplice, Maria, are conveyed to protect Ahmed, who has been seized by the Templar Grand Master Tomas de Torquemada, to pressure Ahmed's dad, Sultan Muhammad XII, to surrender the Apple. Aguilar and Maria catch the Templars, however are overwhelmed and caught by Torquemada's master, Ojeda, similarly as Callum is hauled out of the Animus by Sophia. 

In bondage, Callum becomes a close acquaintence with different relatives of Assassins, drove by Moussa, the relative of an eighteenth century Haitian Assassin named Baptiste, and starts encountering pipedreams, named "the Bleeding Effect", of both Aguilar and Joseph. Callum and Sofia fabricate a compatibility over their sessions; and trusts with Callum that her mom was in like manner killed by an Assassin. 

Back in the Animus, Aguilar and Maria are planned for execution, however he figures out how to free himself and her, prompting a housetop pursue in which they play out a "Conviction-based action" to get away. Callum's psyche responds savagely to the session; and he is briefly incapacitated. He then discovers that Joseph is additionally present at the office. Standing up to Joseph for his mom's passing, Callum is educated that accordingly of the Bleeding Effect, his and Aguilar's recollections are consolidating, permitting Callum to take advantage of Aguilar's battle capacities; he additionally discovers that Callum's own mom was an Assassin who dieed by Joseph's hand, as opposed to be subjected to the Animus by the Templars. Callum promises to obliterate the Assassins Brotherhood by finding the Apple. In the mean time, Alan is forced by his unrivaled, Ellen Kaye, to close down the Animus Project because of its absence of results, driving Sofia to scrutinize Alan's actual expectations. 

Callum energetically enters the Animus at the end of the day, whereupon Aguilar and Maria trap a meeting amongst Muhammad and Torquemada. They prevail with regards to slaughtering the Templars and recovering the Apple, however Ojeda catches her so as to constrain Aguilar to surrender it; yet she picks passing, and Ojeda lethally wounds her before Aguilar executes him. He then escapes, playing out another Leap, the compel of which makes the Animus brutally glitch. Aguilar then gives the Apple to Christopher Columbus, who guarantees to take it to his grave. In the interim, Moussa and the other Assassin detainees begin an uproar with a specific end goal to get away. Alan orders the office to be cleansed, bringing about Joseph and a large portion of the detainees being slaughtered by Abstergo security. 

Callum remains in the Animus chamber and is met with the projections of some of his Assassin precursors, including Aguilar, Joseph, and the previous' mom. Callum completely grasps his Assassins' statement of faith and, having completely absorbed Aguilar's recollections and capacities, joins Moussa and the surviving Assassins in getting away from the office. 

Having recovered the Apple, Alan and his devotees then meet in a Templar asylum in London to play out a function. Inside the haven, a frustrated Sofia meets with Callum, who has come to take the Apple; and she reluctantly permits him to act. Callum sneaks behind Rikkin and executes him to recover the Apple, whereupon the Assassins withdraw, vowing to at the end of the day secure it. Sofia pledges exact retribution upon Callum.

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