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Lucy torrent

Lucy movie torrent

Lucy movie torrent

· Gendre: Science Fiction
· Resolution: 1080p
· Language: English
· Quality: BluRay
· Year of Release: 2014
· Size of the Movie: 1.39 GB

Short description:

At the point when a sweetheart traps Lucy into conveying a folder case to a gathered business contact, the once-joyful understudy is kidnapped by hooligans who expect to transform her into a medication donkey. She is surgically embedded with a bundle containing an effective synthetic, yet it spills into her framework, giving her superhuman capacities, including supernatural power and clairvoyance.


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Lucy plot:

Lucy Miller is a 24-year-old American lady living and examining in Taipei, Taiwan. She is deceived into functioning as a medication donkey by her new beau whose business, Mr. Jang, is a Korean swarm supervisor and medication ruler. Lucy conveys an attaché to Mr. Jang containing an exceedingly profitable manufactured medication called CPH4. In the wake of seeing her beau shot and slaughtered, she is caught. A pack of the medication is coercively sewn into her stomach area and that of three other medication donkeys who will likewise transport the medication available to be purchased in Europe. While Lucy is in imprisonment, one of her captors kicks her in the guts, breaking the pack and discharging a substantial amount of the medication into her framework. Therefore, she starts securing progressively improved physical and mental capacities, for example, clairvoyance, supernatural power, mental time travel, and the capacity not to feel torment or different distresses. She slaughters off her captors and getaways. 

Lucy goes to the close-by Tri-Service General Hospital to get the pack of medications expelled from her belly. The pack is effectively evacuated and Lucy is told by the working specialist that normal CPH4 is an unpredictable substance delivered in moment amounts by pregnant ladies to give babies the vitality to create. Lucy is blessed to have survived having such a vast sum brought into her body. Detecting her becoming physical and mental capacities, Lucy comes back to Mr. Jang's lodging, murders his bodyguards, strikes Mr. Jang, and clairvoyantly extricates the areas of the three residual medication donkeys from his mind. 

At her common loft, Lucy starts examining her condition and contacts understood researcher and specialist Professor Samuel Norman whose exploration might be the way to sparing her. After Lucy talks with Professor Norman and gives evidence of her created capacities, she travels to Paris and contacts a nearby police skipper, Pierre Del Rio, to help her locate the staying three bundles of the medication. Amid the plane ride, she begins to deteriorate as her cells destabilize from devouring a taste of champagne, which made her body unfriendly for cell multiplication. Just by devouring more CPH4 is she ready to keep her aggregate deterioration. Her forces keep on growing, abandoning her ready to clairvoyantly cripple furnished police and individuals from the Korean medication posse. With the assistance of Del Rio, Lucy recuperates the medication and rushes to meet Professor Norman. Nearby Professor Norman and his associates, she consents to share all that she now knows after Professor Norman calls attention to that the fundamental purpose of life is to pass on information, something for which she now has an unbounded limit. Jang and the crowd additionally need the medication and a gunfight follows with the French police. 

In the teacher's lab, Lucy talks about the way of time and life and how individuals' humankind mutilates their observations. She tells the researchers that time is the main genuine measure of human life and of presence. At her asking, she is intravenously infused with the substance of every one of the three residual packs of CPH4. Her body starts to transform into a peculiar dark substance which carries on like nanites, spreading over PCs and different questions in the lab, as she changes these into an unusually formed, cutting edge supercomputer that will contain every last bit of her improved information of the universe. She then starts a spacetime travel into the past, in the end achieving the most seasoned found predecessor of humankind, suggested to be Lucy. She touches fingertips with her, then goes the distance to the very beginning and witnesses the Big Bang. In the mean time, back in the lab, after a M136 AT4 against tank weapon decimates the entryway, Jang enters and focuses a firearm at Lucy's head from behind. He shoots, yet in the moment before the slug strikes, Lucy achieves 100% of her cerebral limit and vanishes inside the spacetime continuum, where she clarifies that everything is associated and presence is just demonstrated through time. Just her garments, Louboutin shoes and the dark supercomputer are abandoned. 

Del Rio enters and lethally shoots Jang. Teacher Norman takes a dark, apparently very propelled streak drive offered by the propelled supercomputer, after which the PC breaks down. Del Rio asks Professor Norman where Lucy is, quickly after which Del Rio's PDA sounds and he sees an instant message: "I AM EVERYWHERE." With an overhead shot, Lucy's voice is heard expressing "Life was given to us a billion years prior. Presently you comprehend what to do with it."

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